How to Unblock A Game Application in Facebook

I just had one of those oh s__t moments when I thought I had wiped out a long history in Mafia Wars, not to mention my 800+ Mafia army, achievements, inventory, awards … everything back to day one ! The thought is gruesome !

I was seeing a lot of old and outdated gift requests in my Game Requests, so upon advice of a FB Friend, I clicked on the “Block Mafia Wars Game?” option which appears if you click on the “ X ” to the right of any gift request.

Well that did the trick, but now everything was gone ! Mafia Wars completely dropped out of my profile. There were no new gift requests, and for that matter no MW posts of any kind showing. It didn’t even show that I had played it recently.

Time for a panic attack : how to unblock a game application in Facebook ?

Answer : Click path : Account > Privacy Settings > Block Lists (Edit your lists)

You should see your intentionally or accidentally blocked app in the list on that page. To the right, you should click on the “Unblock”. Then cleanly (don’t just x out of your browser) log out of Facebook, and log back in.

One more step : when you go back into the application the first time, the app will ask for it, you’ll need to give it permission to access your information again, just as if you were starting from scratch.

I’m more than happy to report that my Mafia War account was intact, and it’s back to fighting !

( Link to Facebook Help on How to Unblock Game Applications in Facebook )

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