How Deep Is Our Collective Reservoir ?

Liberty is a fine-sounding word. But it has its limitations. Caution needs to be practiced so as not to go to another extreme. Many a libertarian wants to be free to practice his own social immorality in the name of freedom, but in this he tends to be socially liberal, while fiscally conservative.

The Libertarian with a capital “L” yearns for almost limitless freedom from controls, saying we would be better off with no government. But for most Americans, the idea of liberty comes with the needed expense of at least minimal guidelines, governance, and law enforcement. The debate, therefore, among the liberty-loving peoples comes down to how much governance is needed.

Our two-hundred-plus year experiment in freedom and self-government has worked well, because in general there has been a reservoir of decency and obedience to natural laws of goodness among the people.   But will our Constitution survive in a people who seem less inclined these days to cling to standards of righteousness?

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