Desert Flower – 2009 movie, biography,drama

I continue to be in awe of what goes on in the world outside my protected existence.

I innocently tuned into this late night insomniac movie, lured by the simple trailer that it was about a woman, Waris Dirie, who escapes from the horrors of Somalia and becomes a super model.

I anticipated a runway model success story, which in part it was.

But the underlying and eventually dominant theme is about Somalian atrocities, and specifically FGM (female genital mutiliation), a subject that I was totally ignorant about, not that it has ever been a subject of casual discussion or a college elective.

More than you ever would want to know about FGM is at this Wiki link.

female genital mutilation in Africa

from Wiki: FGM in Africa

Interesting sidelights coming out of this late night TV foray : Waris Dirie is a very real person, better remembered from Chanel perfume ads and her role in “The Living Daylights,” a 1987 James Bond film, not so much recognized as a goodwill U.N. ambassador speaking out against a practice that would eventually be recognized as a violation of human rights.

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