My battle with spywareremover2009plus virus

First and most important :   DO NOT go this .com website !  Also watch for any redirects to it.  

It’s a source and probable author of the virus.   The site will also gladly take your money for not fixing something it didn’t break.

What is actually broken is that the virus deactivates all the normal “work arounds” :  regedit, task manager, file deletions, disk defragmenters, run cmd … others I’m forgetting at the moment.

The virus does most of its “damage” by running in the background, producing a constant barage of pop-ups, bogging down your computer speed and performance. The dire pop-up messages of impending catastrophic hard drive failure are a royal P-I-A and constantly throw themselves between you and your work, necessitating they be closed, only to be replaced within minutes. 

I didn’t really find an obvious “first strike” solution, such as some free software that magically removed the virus. You can Google the name of the virus and see a lot of approaches.

Whether coincidence, luck or whatever, I zeroed on trying to do something manually. I located obe.exe and svc.exe in my Windows directory, which I understood were related to the virus.

Initially I couldn’t delete them, so I changed their attributes (running -r, -a, -s, -h one at a time for each file). Then I renamed them, but still couldn’t delete them. For the time being, the pop-ups have stopped. Time will tell if they resurrect themselves.

Meanwhile, trying to regain control of my computer I turned to RRT, which I found referenced in the following links. Running it in Normal Windows mode (not Safe as recommended) it gave me back Task Manager and Regedit.

Interim solutions :

6 Must Have Replacement Tools when Fixing a Computer Infected by Virus

Final clean up solutions found here :

Restore Task Manager, Regedit and Folder Options Disabled by Virus

Anyway, I know I’m not totally over the hurdle yet. But over the last 72 hours, I’ve slowly regained control of my computer.

And learned once again, an ounce of virus protection is worth a pound of computer recovery techniques, and precious time.

I’ll be back here to smooth this out, but wanted to document my experience in case it helps someone else shorten their downtime and frustration level.

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